Noizzy Box Retro XXL 4 Band Radio Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Remote and Equalizer (Black)


The Perfect Harmony of Past and Present:
Noizzy Box Retro XXL is an 4 Band Radio with Bluetooth which embodies classic aesthetics while offering modern features like Bluetooth, USB, TF card support , Aux In and Aux out which can work as a centre Speaker for your home theatre . It’s the perfect fusion of nostalgia and convenience, ensuring an exceptional audio experience.

Rediscover the joy of music with Noizzy Box. Our vintage-modern speakers deliver not only captivating visuals but also an unparalleled audio experience. Immerse yourself in the warm, rich tones that only authentic vintage speakers can produce, all while enjoying the convenience of seamless wireless connectivity.

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Noizzy Box Retro XXL

Retro XXL is bigger and better with more features and with a remote too. The Retro XXL is also perfect blend of timeless design and high-quality sound which will take you back in time. As the name suggests, the design is a perfect addition to a retro set up at home. Noizzy Box Retro XXL is unique and gives you the quality of this new age with a look and feel of a timeless classic.


Connect and Go

The Retro XXL is the perfect retro boombox for you to take it with you wherever you go. Be it, house parties, indoor events, this audio system lets you connect and carry on with ease. The perfect solution for you to bring a bit of retro style into your home.



The Band

Radio is hardly integrated into sound systems nowadays, but with Retro XXL you have the capability to catch the latest tunes playing on air. A simple yet easy to use analog control adds to the retro feel and ensures that you can catch any local radio around. Another unique feature is the 4 band Radio which spans over AM, FM, SW1 and SW2 bands.


Connecting You

The name is only Retro XXL but the features are at par with any modern device in this day and age. The option of connecting wirelessly to this device through Bluetooth gives you the ease of playing your tune with just a click of a button. The Bluetooth paring process is extremely hassle free and responsive making it all the more desirable.


Addon Features


Ans : Yes the inbuilt battery is rechargeable

Noizzy Box Retro XXL comes with a AC/DC adaptor which will charge your device 

No , NOIZZY BOX Retro XXL comes with an INBUILT battery which will last for 4-6 hours depends on your usage 

yes and thats all you will need to charge your noizzy box retro xxl 


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