Does Listening to Music Drive Creativity and Memory Power?

Does Music Drive Creativity and Memory Power?

In our everyday life, music has become so profound that describing a world without music would sound more like a world without water. For instance, riding the metro, taking a walk, driving to work or simply sitting down at a cafe, would feel empty without the company of your playlist. Even a mundane grocery shopping trip can feel unsatisfactory for many without their favorite music.

But, have you wondered how mere beats, notes and words strung together have the ability to fill empty spaces of our everyday nuances?

How does music, an invisible entity, have the power to alter our very mood, emotion and outlook to life; to drive our very beings?

Several studies over the past few years have revealed how music can not only impact our moods and emotions, it can also elevate creativity and boost memory power.

Creativity Sparked by Music

Creativity drives innovation scientifically, technologically and culturally. Its no doubt that a society without creativity is doomed to stagnation.

A study found that music activated parts of the brain that endorsed divergent thinking, a critical brain element responsible for creativity. Participants exposed to classical music while performing certain tasks were able to come up with innovative and more number of ideas than those participants who performed the same tasks in silence. The study also signified that “happy” music or music without words increased divergent thinking.

The research also found that happy music broadened the thought process and enhanced the desire to explore and play among the subjects.

Moreover, music is a cheap yet efficient means to increase creativity in any setting.

For instance, an inexpensive and easy way to overcome “writer’s block” would be to listen to “Happy” music.

Science Links Music and Memory

Have you ever listened to a piece of music and experienced a surge of memories? This inevitable trip down memory lane can now be scientifically proven: music enhances memory.

An award winning documentary in 2014 spoke about how a social worker used music to help people with dementia connect back with their normal lives. Music not only seemed to uplift their behavior, mood and quality of life, but also brought back bits and pieces of lost memory.

A tremendous improvement was seen after a few months when the dementia patients “came back to life” by reactivating areas of the brain linked with memory, reasoning, speech, and emotion.

Two other individual studies in US and Japan showed that music not only helped to retrieve “drowned” memories, but also helped establish new ones. Several other studies including studies from Harvard reveal that music can be used while studying to improve data retention and focus.

While music can certainly stir up some romantic (or not so romantic memories) from the past, when utilized effectively, it can be used to take a pleasant trip down memory lane or perhaps even remember some answers during an exam.

Better with Music

Other than boosting creativity and memory, music is popularly known to uplift moods, improve sleep and reduces stress. Music can be the perfect break to calm the nerves and rejuvenate the mind and body to get back into “hustle mode.”

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