Noizzy Box XS Prime (Black)

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  • Bluetooth streaming – Compatible with all Bluetooth Multimedia devices making connecting and playing music a breeze. Listen to music wirelessly indoors or outdoors while traveling on long bike rides, or at the beach or watch a show online with clear and crispy sound
  • Vintage design that is portable – Get your fingertips on the volume analog control with metallic grills to give you the classic feels which is so portable that it is pocketable. Throw it in your bag and you are ready for the road trips or office presentations without feeling the weight at all
  • Anytime anywhere tune in – With enhanced cable connections you can stream music via Aux or for wireless streaming you can use TF CARD or USB or just connect it to the Bluetooth
  • Long playtime – with a battery of 900 mAh lithium you are assured for atleast 4 to 5 hours of playtime with one charge and a full charge within 2 to 3 hours this speaker is your essential on the go partner. The device can be charged without the use of electric plug by plugging the USB port to another portable speaker and using its battery power

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Retro XS Prime

Retro XS Prime from the house of Noizzybox is packed with the classic retro design and powerful sound. The portable size of the speaker allows you to carry it almost anywhere you travel, making it your best travel-music buddy.

A real convenience and a music accessory which takes you back in time. Retro XS PRIME comes in five vibrant colours (White, Black, Pink, Blue and Green).




Retro look and feel

Wanderlust souls who have known and loved vintage style Noizzy Box XS PRIME is for them. Classic feeling and modern technology are juxtaposed into one musical system. Noizzy Box XS Prime is the speaker that you want to connect because of its feel and looks and the powerful sound this mini speaker is capable to produce with long playtime duration. To complement the overall retro look, XS Prime also comes with volume analog controls with metallic grills.

Multi-connectivity options

This Retro-feel speaker has Bluetooth Connectivity option which makes your speaker wireless. With its Bluetooth technology, connecting with any compatible device is just a child’s play. For wire free connection options put in your memory card or plug in the USB for endless hours of music. There is also an option for connecting via Aux in for direct playback. Built in mic allows you to listen to your music without having to remove the phone from your pocket.

Compact and portable

This classic looking speaker has a compact and portable size to just put it inside your handbag and carry it along with you. The compact size and light weight design does not put any extra burden to your bag when carrying it. Place the speaker on your study table, drawing room or any other place you like as it will not consume any extra space and is for the smart living rooms.



Travel with Noizzy Box XS Prime without the hassles of wires and connect it to any multimedia device(smartphone, laptops, tablets). With Bluetooth range of 10m m, use this speaker for campfires, outdoor picnics or even at home whilst doing your chores. This mini speaker is too portable and too powerful with its 40 mm driver. the sound projection is of superb quality, and with a longer battery life, this can be your perfect travel buddy.


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