Noizzy box Retro XS(Wine Red)

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  • Small and portable, the Bluetooth speaker lets you listen to your music, videos or games wherever you are
  • Featuring our tried-and-tested analog tuner, the Noizzy box Retro XS determinedly delivers AM and FM radio channels
  • Classic retro design, with a vintage looking, LED background with analog controls
  • Palm sized body, easy to carry, with power packed impressive volume
  • Multifunction Bluetooth FM radio: Bluetooth speaker, FM radio, Micro SD card / TF card, USB and Aux in

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Noizzy Box Retro XS

Noizzy Box Retro XS comes with a portable size but power-packed performance. The classic retro design of the speaker enhances the look and feel of the room where it is kept. Carry the speaker wherever you travel or place it on your drawing room to listen your favorite tracks.Besides all of these features the in-built Bluetooth connection allows you to stream audio files from any other Bluetooth enabled devices seamlessly. The Noizzy Box Retro XS features a tuning LED indicator to help you know when you are getting the best reception possible from your antenna. Soft and precise tuning using the rotary dial makes it easy to achieve a strong and stable signal.




Portable speaker

The portable and compact size of Retro XS allows you to carry it along with you wherever you travel. This portable bluetooth speaker would make a great gift for the audiophile in your life.Take outside and listen to radio and music during party, yard, work, garage, campfire hiking, biking or beach. As a home speaker, you can also place your speaker in study, living room or bedroom.

Connectivity options

Built-in Bluetooth and full range stereo speakers allows you to wirelessly stream music from devices like iPhones, Androids, Smartphones, iPads, Tablets. Connect external devices with the Aux (3.5mm) input jack, USB flash drive reader, and SD memory card reader — all designed to fill the area with crisp stereo sounds!

Retro look

The speaker is a confluence of classic retro design with all modern connectivity options; a most interesting combo that you would love.The retro system style fills your room with rich sounds and can easily become the center-piece and add flare to any room in the house. Play your dance numbers in this classic vintage looking speaker.


In-built AM/FM radio

An audiophile always fall short of their music collection. When your everyday playlist fails to give you any more charm, then radio comes in to rescue. Retro XS has inbuilt AM/FM radio. Tune into the radio station of your choice and never miss listening to your favorite RJ. The AM/FM radio connection comes with a retro-styled dial. The versatile audio options of Retro XS allows you to listen to all your favorite tracks.


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